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Andrey Honich 10 years ago in iRidium Script / Interface scripts updated by Oksana (expert) 9 years ago 8
Is there some way to show automatic bubble popup with numerical value when I move slider on mobile devices?
The point is the slider control is quite small, and when I put finger on it i cannot see anything under it, I even don't know either I hit control or not. Also quite often I need numerical control for some precise adjusting in several percents.

If it's not possible in current version, can I expect to see this feature in some near future I2 release please?

Please check OpenRemote sliders as reference.


Sure this is possible using an iRidium script.  You will need to add a listener to the press event that will show and position the popup.  Then a move listener to reposition the popup to the the same point as the value of the level.  Then a hidepop call on the release event.


Regarding the scripting. As far as i know site license doesn't allow to use script API?
Is this means i cannot use any script events?

Only Pro version of the site license will allow you to using scripting.  I only take Pro licenses,  since every project I have implemented has used scripting.  Using scripting gives me limitless possibilities in setting up unique designs.

When you do this without scripting it wont be possible to move the popup along the level.

Just add a show popup on Press event and Hide Popup on release.  In the popup create an graphic item with a relation to feedback channel of the light ( or other ).


Well, such popups are basic things for touch interface. Because sometimes it's not easy to hit small control and see something under the finger. I don't want to use scripts for it… And don't want to pay additionally several hundred euros to have just basic input feedback popups.
I'm not gonna use any additional fancy script features (at least for now) which will just slow down the interface …

Actually what you can do with scripting is what makes iRidium such a power platform to work with.  It can take an UI to the next level. 

Take a look at the attached project.  This is an simple way of using the UI without scripts. Replace the links that point to the global token with links that point the feedback command of the device you are controlling.

Yes you can create levels button which are smaller\refined and still be able to control them….  Look at the project.


Hi Roger,

This works quite good!

Thank you very much.
You Welcome,  all the best wishes for the new year.