Not a bug

saving of project tokens not happening if iRidium not closed gracefully

Jackie Roos 8 jaar geleden in GUI Editor bijgewerkt door Dmitry - support (expert) 8 jaar geleden 1

See attached project 1d_array_save_load_in_token.irpz

1. Run emulator for the first time and token data is 0,0

2. Change token data to 1,1. Close iRidium. Open iRidium. Token Data still 1,1 as expected

Image 10848

3. Run Emulator and Change token data to 2,2:

Image 10847

4. Open task manager and end task on i2 Control

5. Run emulator - Token data is 1,1 but should be 2,2.

Image 10848

This happens on PC's running the i2 Control when the PC is restarted eg from Windows updates.

Please fix

Not a bug


Dear Jackie,

This is not a bug, the client is configured so that it saves the tokens when the normal shutdown.

We can add this functionality (saving tokens when change) to our client, but for this we need to know how much it is in demand. So create a new topic in the "Ideas" section and describe in detail what you need.