Ameen Nofal 9 years ago in General updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 8

these iRidium Compatible with inles automation systems



Hi Ameen

Yes you can control INELS with our EPSNET driver

it can send to me more details


One of protocols supported by Inels called EPSNET, and you can work with inels variables throw it.

Please see all the details on our wiki pages: http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/EPSNET

Thank you, what about best thermostat it can be control in the same interface with inels.


I mean control both with one application

For the moment it is possible to work with thermostats controlled by your automation system only.
In the next iRidium version Nest will be supported, but it is not available for the moment.

thank you for the information but for next version need more one year or less and you have developer for help me for our villa project

Please contact to Roger Wicks: info@rocfusion.com