Bachelor thesis - Smart home. Rights and privileges for seperate users.

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We are a group of students studying computer engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Gjøvik, Norway. We are working on our bachelor thesis where we are working on projecting and implementing a control system in a Smart home currently in construction.

We are trying to make a collaborative system consisting of multiple system. Systems from Lunos (ventilation), VELUX INTEGRA ("smart" roof windows), Altech (water counters), Vaillant (heating system, heat pump), and integrating it all into HDL's smart home control system, and then monitor and change setting with your iRidium mobile application.

The smart home is seperated into 3 appartments. All of these appartments are communicating with the same HDL IntelliCenter server.

What we are wondering is how we should do this with each users rights and privileges. Each user should only be able to change settings in his/hers appartment. Except for the house owner, who should be able to monitor and change settings of each appartment. How could we do this (if possible) with your mobile application and licensing? What kind of license is relevant?

Any information around this woulod be helpful.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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To implement the desired functionality you can use the encryption access to your pages.

I.e. you create on the main page of my project buttons to navigate to specific pages, but on these buttons set up the password. Thus, when pressing the button a window will appear enter the password and until the user will not enter, the page will not open.

About licensing can be found on our website.

Thanks, that seems like an easy fix for our problem.