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HDL iRidium Sctipt SPI (DDK) control

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Same HDL bus and devices.

One of devices is 'DMX'.

In first try, i gave name 'Channel 1' and executed:

IR.GetDevice("HDL-BUS Pro Network (UDP)").Set("DMX:Channel 1", 1);

It doesn't work.

Then: renamed command to 'Chanel_1' and it works!

IR.GetDevice("HDL-BUS Pro Network (UDP)").Set("DMX:Channel_1", 1);

May be one cannot control command (and feedback appropriately) with speces in name?

But here, in the official wiki info (http://wiki2.iridiummobile.ru/Drivers_API#Set) one can find:

IR.GetDevice("HDL-BUS Pro Network (UDP)").Set("Relay_1:Channel 3",0);

Не ошибка

It works fine with spaces, I am checking with

function set () {
   IR.GetDevice("HDL-BUS Pro Network (UDP)").Set("DMX:Channel 1", 100);

Dimmer Channel. Please try again, it is not related with spaces, we are using this method a lot, for example in RGB palette:


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