Static List Release Activating on swipe

Jackie Roos 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated 9 years ago 5


From what I understand items on a static list, eg buttons, should have their programming on release, so that when a swipe is done to scroll the list, the button does not activate.

I have two question:

1. This Button is programmed to send token on release

Image 10257

However this activating when swiping to scroll the list - I thought it should not activate? See this video shown on my PC but same happens on the iPad.

What should happen and any suggestions please?


2. We have sliders with buttons to press and hold on the static list item, and normally we send a press and hold and release for these. But if at the start of the swipe left or right gesture the finger starts on one of these buttons, commands are sent. What do you suggest?

Image 10259

I have tried to solve by capturing the gesture, but it looks like the moving of a static list is not registered as a gesture, as the following does not trigger when the static list is moved by a swipe gesture.

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_START,0,function() {
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_GESTURE_BEGIN, IR.CurrentPage, function(gesture, x, y){
        switch(gesture) {
            case IR.GESTURE_SWIPE_LEFT: 
               IR.Log("--------Swipe Left")
            case IR.GESTURE_SWIPE_RIGHT:
                IR.Log("----------Swipe Right")

This is a huge project with 200+ of these sliders and on/off buttons on 20 static lists.

A simple solution would be very nice :)

So do you have any suggestions?


Any suggestions please?? We go have a demo with the customer early next week and I need a solution :)

Correction to above: there are 351 sliders + 351 edits + 351 on/off buttons + 700 up/down buttons + 79 colour wheels... I need a good solution that is robust :)


Hi Jackie

It's a specifics of List items in version 2.2 and this problems doesn't have a solution in current version

1. It's a trigger, the trigger state changes onPress, but the command works onRelease. So the state is visually changed, but the command is not sent.

2. The command related with Press event will be sent anyway, the Press event will be activated at the moment when you pressed on it.

3. The Gesure doesn't come through the Levels, Joysticks, Static Lists and Lists.

We are working on this problems in V3.0. With the current version you can only make some "dragging zone" without trigger buttons and command OnPress.

hi. Glad to see there are improvements for the beta but I need a solution now :(

Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for V2, and it will not be updated with this improvements, sorry

Ok this is what we did to get around this

All items on the page have

- hold time 200

- all commands are on hold, with a short hold time, it is almost like a press for the user and they cannot tell the difference

Trigger buttons change state when touched. So we have two trigger buttons

1. transparent on top with command on and feedback - this one does the work

2. underneath with feedback and shows change of state on feedback (not when the trigger item is touched)