House of Rock, Los Angeles USA.

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As you know from my previous post we have just recently completed an installation of iRidium 2.0. This showcase installation is for the House of Rock in LA.  Every year Rolling Stone Magazine either builds or renovates a house at different locations in the US.  These houses are called the House of Rock.  The interior design is always done by one of the top interior designers from the US.  Promotional events occur throughout the year at the house and famous music artists will live there. 

The grand opening event for the House of Rock happen about just over a week ago.  There were between 500-600 people who attended.  Outside at the back of the house, a temporary stage was built for musicians to perform.  In the Recording Studio at the top of the house, musicians were performing.  It was a successful event. A lot of people saw and gave compliments to the installation completed by domVision Inc.
Attached are the photos from the house and a few photos of the opening. 

If you have any questions, please ask…
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PS: You can also follow up whats happening at the house by going to www.facebook.com\2012houseofrock

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