HDL bus prop - Feedback from Logic server and DLP panel

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I have two questions that I have not been able to find answer to on you forums or FAQ

1. Status feedback from logic server:
I am able to received feedback and see status on devices like dimmers, relays etc but adding Status on start to the respective page that I have the relays or dimmer channels on.
This gives me status

However, when using the logic server I have configured a lot of different universal switches for my smart house like (day, night, away etc)
I can not find any command - Status on start on the logic server, and is not able to get feedback on which Universal switch is active?
can you please help

2. DLP and heat control:
I am monitoring all my DLP's and get temperatur, mode (day, night, away etc), but I also want to get a feedback and see if heating is on or not. can you please indicate which function to use and send reference to the manual.

thanks for great product



1. Please try to use the command "READ STATUS OF UNIVERSAL SWITCH" to ask the switch status. If it possible, the variable answer to you with status. Some HDL variables doesn't broadcast if somebody change their ststus. Some of UV switches (for example IR blaster) doesn't answer at all. You have to setup this command with Timer: 3000 ms (for example) to know the status

2. Please see the full list of DLP commands and feedbacks:


Operation Code Panel Control DLP panel control
Parameter Option Value *
1 IR Control 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
2 Lock Panel 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
3 AC Power 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
4 Cooling Temp 0 0-84
5 Fan Speed 0 0 = Auto, 1 = High, 2 = Medium, 3 = Low
6 AC Mode 0 0 = Cooling, 1 = Heating, 2 = Fan , 3 = Auto, 4 = Dehumidfy
7 Heat Temp 0 0-84
8 Auto Temp 0 0-84
9 Rise Temp 0 0-5
10 Decrease Temp 0 0-5
11 Back Light Status 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
12 Lock AC 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
13 Back LIght Level 0 0-100
14 Status Light Level 0 0-100
15 Shield Button 1-255 (Key No.) Key Status 0 = Invalid, 1 = Valid
16 Shield Page 1-255 (Page No.) Page Status 0 = Invalid, 1 = Valid
17 Control Button LED 1-255 (Key No.) Key Status 0 = Invalid, 1 = Valid
18 Control Button 1-255 (Key No.) Key Status 0 = Invalid, 1 = Valid
19 Dry Temp 0 0-84
20 Temp Status 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
21 Temp Mode 0 1 = Normal, 2 = Day , 3 = Night, 4 = Away, 5 = Timer
22 FH Rise Temp 0 0-5
23 FH Decrease Temp 0 0-5
24 Lock Setup Page 0 0 = OFF, 1 = ON
25 Normal Temp 0 0-84
26 Day Temp 0 0-84
27 Night Temp 0 0-84
28 Away Temp 0 0-84
Need Confirm Disable/Enable wait for confirmation
Use Timer false don't use
0 send the command once when app starts
1000...n (s) send the request in interval

* Value - укажите при перетягивании команды на графический элемент


Thanks for your reply.

1. I tried this but is not able to get any response, however I am unsure if I do it correctly.

I today Iridium with a multistate button to send UV 101 to the logic server. This works, but as mentioned I have different UV switches to the logic module (102, 103, 104, 105) and therefore want status in iridium.

I have found the function "READ STATUS OF UNIVERSAL SWITCH" both as command and feedback. Based on your reply I understand that you want me to assign it to a command.

Should I then add a command "READ STATUS OF UNIVERSAL SWITCH" with the mentioned timer etc, to the multistate button? If I do so I guess I have to press it before I get feedback ? Wouldn't it be more logic to use Feedback channel "READ STATUS OF UNIVERSAL SWITCH" (but it is not possible to configure timer 3000ms on feedback).

2. Will try the DLP as requested


You have to set up the command "READ STATUS OF UNIVERSAL SWITCH" with timer for each UV Switch you want to get, but you don't need to drag it on item, it works automaticly


I have now set up the command "Universal Switch Status" with the same Universal number as my Universal Switch (101), Need confirm (Disable) and Use Timer (true) , Timer 3000ms

I have not linked it to any item.

I am still nota able to get any feedback about the UV 101 status on the Button where I have assigned the command UV 101.

Is it possible to the send project to you for fault finding or any other suggestions ?

We can't be sure that the UV Switch broadcast its status when you send a status request. I

t would help if you check the data from this Logic Module in monitor of HDL Tool. Please filter the data by Subnet/Device ID and inform if you really see the request from logic module. Please show us this data string

Hi, did not find a function called monitor, but command test. Entered Logic module adresse 60 and got the attached signales. adresses

There is no peration cosed responding to UV Switch control and Read ststus (E01D, E019, E017). The module doesn't send an information about status of Switch. Please contact to HDL support, maybe they have some firmware to help you