i2 Control 2.2.3 - 2.2.4

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 jaar geleden in i2 Control V2.2 bijgewerkt door Dmitry - support (expert) 8 jaar geleden 6
When installers want to remote update a device (iPad, iPhone), they need ask to end-user to change the IP-address of the Host (and maybe also the port).
But many end-users have problems to open the system-menu, because the are not pressing outside a button on the screen.
That's the reason it would be great if you add a button to the i2 Control 2.2.3/2.2.4 with a text: 'Open System Menu' or something; so it's easy for an end-user to access the system-menu and to change the parameters that are necessary for the installer to remotely update the project of the end-users tablet.



Client System Tokens
Hello Theo,

Why can you not add a button in your project with IR.ShowSystemMenu();? Or you want this button with "Open system menu" in a start-project in i2 control.
Please, give us more info.


We want this option by default in the demo-interface when i2 control (or i3 control) is downloaded...