Token with name of Wifi-connection

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 jaar geleden in i2 Control V2.2 bijgewerkt door Dmitry Shulgin 9 jaar geleden 3
At this moment we can check with Wifi-Token a panel is connected by Wifi or 3G.
But installer has the question: can we show with WHICH Wifi-network we are connected? In other words: to show the NAME of the connected WiFi?
This is to prevent errors: if the end-user is connecting the iPad or iPhone to another Wifi-network, it's possible the iRidium client is not working anymore, because the wrong IP-range is selected. With this new option (name of wifi) installer can check: is the panel connected with the right network with all home automation? if not --> give a warning like: "You connected to the wrong Wifi-network; please select the network 'xxxx' to connect to your home automation system".


This feature could help with another problem: You can automatically check whether you should use 3g or wifi. If event "changing wifi" occurs, you can change wifi/3g
It would be useful feature