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I have bouht Site license pro. But it active by serial of device. So i want to know this license can active how many device? My company want use for many project.
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About the types of licenses read on our Wikipedia in the "Licensing" section http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/Licensing
I don't understand. Can you tell me detail. Example i have 2 Global Cache of system. Can i use one Site licese pro?

Yes, you can use one license and several devices. But it is important to always had a connection with a licensed device. The license works only if there is connection with the licensed Global Cache module.

And remember:
It is important to know that a Global Cache iTach converter can support not more than 4 control panels at a time. A GC-100-XX converter can support only 1 connection at a time.

I have bought licese Site license pro but I don't active this. So can I tranfer to some license device or site license ? if can, how I do that? Thanks.
If you're asking about how to license your device of Site license, then read about it on our Wikipedia


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