How to view the camera in external network by iPad

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How to display a camera in dynamic image via external network

Locally we can see it by adding the ipaddress of the camera's in dynamic images, But In Externally How to add it,, Kindly share the ideas,,

Thanks for an advance
Hello, Punit!
1. You should set port forwarding of the camera (80 or 554) to the external network to have the remote connection on the router.
2. In the project you should indicate external IP address of the router, to which the camera is connected. The address must be static or it must use the service DDNS.

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HI Olga,
In the router the port forwarding has been configured for the NVR which is the IP address, when i am trying to do port forwarding for the camera, it shows overlapping i have a 8 cameras, where ip address starts from to 208, While i try to port forwarding on the router its tells overlapping,, I tried both as u said that (80 or 554),, Samething I get it
which way i can use it and see the screen shots of router

It says "overlapping" because u cannot forward the same WAN port to different LAN IP addresses.

You have to make:
WAN | LAN | LAN IP Address
80 | 80 |
81 | 80 |
82 | 80 |
83 | 80 |
84 | 80 |
85 | 80 |
86 | 80 |
87 | 80 |

(and the same for 554 if you use rtsp stream).

So u will be able to call
the camera with WAN IP Address and WAN port.
It is better to call to your systenm administrator if you have a problems with router settings. iRidium functionality are not related with it.

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