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AMX tp4 file visualisation - Touchmap function

Marian Rybansky 9 years ago in Products / AMX updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 3

I would like to ask you if we have implemented Touch Map function of
Multi-State Bargraph in AMX visualisation ?

It is for "Value Direction" Property of General tab where can be - Vertical,
Horizontal or Touch map ...

Thank you for information
Waiting for user's reply
Hi, this feature are not supported yet, but it would be implemented in future. How do u plan to use it in iRidium? How much is it important for your installation?
Hi, I use this function for blinds control. Control item is multistate bargraph where 0 is up and 100% is down, but standard control behaviour is from down - 0 to up 100, so I did inverse it with touchmap function.
Martin, in TP4 you can create Bargraph > General: Value Direction: Vertical > Programming: Invert Range : Yes, and it works the same in iRidium now: 0 is up and 100 is down. Please confirm if it's what u need.