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Please I need help my app works perfect now I only have one problem when I start up the app I don't have the status of the relays and dimmers in the hotel mudule I need to run some buttons to receive the correct state


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If you want to get the status of relays and dimmers when you start you need to set up a command StatusOnStart as follows:

1) Operation code - Single Channel Read Target.

2) Channel number - specify the channel number to get the status of a specific relay or dimmer. Or leave 0 to get the status of all dimmers or relays.

For example:

Hello, thanks for your reply so that command I need to drag and drop to?? a button on main page?? Or pop-up?? Or only create that command??



You can drag&drop this command to the button to receive the status when you press this button. Or if you need to receive status on startup, then you may to set up the timer. For example: