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Error message in Windows 10

even 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 10

After upgrading to Windows 10 - I get this error . I haven't used the program at all - after upgrading. Only opened and tested a few files. This error happens just as I start to edit (or 'do') something within the file.

It can be either a new project or an existing one. Same error occurs...

Same happens when I try - after upgrading to the V2.2.3.17855 (15.06.2015 17:46:25,63)
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Please copy this Debug version of editor to C:\Program Files (x86)\iRidium mobile2\Editor and start the file editor.exe
When the problem occures, copy the Log file from C:\Users\<user>\Documents\iRidium mobile 2\Settings\Studio\Log (or ...\Editor\Log)
and send it to us.
The error occured just after trying to open an existing project

Please try to open GUI Editor without project, go to Tools > Options > Showing and change the Render from OGL to DX (or vice versa), then restart the Editor. You can also try to update the drivers of your video card. We are working on possible problems with W10, but cannot be shure when the next version will be done. Please inform about results
I get the same error... It doesnt let me change the graphics card. (When I do - it comes up with the same erorr message as before.
Do you have another (newer) release I could try?
Please add me in skype: kaari601, I'll connect to you via TeamViewer tomorrow and we'll check what we can do.


As i understand you have also such error occurs? Please describe when you have this error, maybe I might be able to help you.