Top most item in list

Damian Hartin 9 лет назад в iRidium Script обновлен Sergey (expert) 9 лет назад 2
I have a static list with 16 items in it and am looking for a List API property that will tell me what the top most item is. i.e. so I can work out if items 2-8 are showing or items 4-12, etc..

Have looked in the documentation and cant see any property/method, is there one available?

Hi Damian,
you can get value from X or Y property of the popups (relative of direction). if property value in the list range area then popup is showing.

IR.SetInterval(1000, function() {
   var List = IR.GetItem("PopupWithList").GetItem("ListName");
if (IR.GetItem("PopupName").X + IR.GetItem("PopupName").Width < List.X)
// Popup is not showing
} else {
// Popup is showing
} });

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