Changing font across an entire project.

rocfusion 9 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 6

It would be extremely useful and an big time saver if there was an additional option added into the GUI Editor to change the font used by EVERY Page, Popup and Graphical Item in the currently selected open project.

For example, an additional button is added in the toolbar.  Click on the button,  new font selection dialog box opens.  There should be an check box which enables\disables the option of changing the font size at the same time.  So when this check box is disabled ONLY the font is changed in the project.


Hi Roger,

We have tools for changing fonts and font size (you can select any graphic item/item group - page, popup, item - and set up font parameters for them). 
And we cannot understand where you want us to add this function: editor settings, item settings, project settings, etc.
And we would appreciate if you explained again what happens when the check box is enabled and when it is disabled.
Hi Oksana,

Sure you can set every page popup individually set but not for the entire project at once.  So a new button could be added in the GUI Editor at the top on the toolbar.  Or right click on the project name in the project overview panel select 'Change Font for entire Project';


Hi Oksana (and Roger)

We totally agree with the request from Roger.

He is absolutely right: it is a big time-saver when there is an option to change the used font (AND fontsize AND fontcolor) for the complete project.

Try to imagine: a customer don't like the used font, and want an other font for the complete project. The only possibility now to do this, is to select all items per page, and change the font for this page. Then select the next page, select all items, and change the font. And so on and so on.

If you have 50 pages and 150 popup-pages in a project, you can imagine how much work this is. And that's exactly the reason to add this feature.


Hi Roger, Hi Theo,

Ok, now I understand, what you mean.

Thank you for your idea. It is available for voting for now. The more votes it gets the sooner it will be implemented.