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V2.2.3 not working with more than one lan interface!?

Martin Lang 9 years ago in General updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 1


just upgraded from version 2.0.1 to 2.2.3 and HDL-BusPro stopped working.

after hours of finding the bug we found out, that version 2.2.3 doesn't work with

pcs that have more than one lan interface! but, thats a big problem here, because

iRidiumGate is running on that machine as a gateway between lan1 (business lan, normal lan) and lan2 (hdl-bus-interface), so no one in the normal lan1 is able to contact/connect/edit hdl-bus related things. after testing, we found out that iRidium Gate version 2.1.2 is working normally!

also the HDL-BusPro scanning in the GUI editor doesn't work anymore in 2.2.3 with more than one lan-interfaces on a pc.

best regards,

martin lang

Under review

Dear Martin

First of all, please try to set up the connection priority as it shown in this article. If the HDL network will take a high priority, it could solve the problem.

Here you can download iRidium v2.0, but there was the same network rules. May be

there was changed something else?

If the both LAN connections works in the same subnet, please try to set up the static IP address for HDL network.

When iRidium Gate works, it is normal that the HDL tool cannot scan the network: Gate have to buisy the UDP port 6000, so the other apps cannot use this port on the same PC.

Please send the result of ipconfig /all command on your PC (cmd)

UPD: we will be able to check what is wrong with Gate after Jan 10, please send us the network info (ipconfig /all), it will help us to find a problem