miro suchanek 9 jaar geleden in i2 Control V2.2 bijgewerkt door Dmitry - support (expert) 9 jaar geleden 8

It is normal that when you run the app i2 control after a while ipad significantly overheats?

Under review


Yes this is quite possible.

try loading an empty project on your iPad and check whether to repeat this problem

the ipad doesnt overheat with empty project. I have tried my project with turned off communication with BAOS772, and also doesnt overheat.

The heating iPad to work with demanding applications and the Internet, it is normal. To reduce power consumption and therefore overheating, can try to reduce the brightness of the screen. And check to be turned off geolocation. As you can see, overheating is not linked with the work of our app.

But it seems, that the communication with BAOS is cousing the overheating. Is there any technique to reduce the communication load?

If possible, try on another iPad. Will there be the same problem.