Button is not changing state in list.

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In my project i have created a list and list template popup for it.

In template i have button with 2 states.

Problem is that state 2 is not working when i press the button in emulator.

Any solution?

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Send your project to email technical support support@iridiummobile.ru

This behavior of the buttons is linked with the peculiarities of work the element type "List"

As a solution to your problem I can suggest to use item type "Static List". Of course in this case, for each button you have to create a separate popup. But this way you will be able to see all of the states buttons and to use them in the List.

Well Static List- solution is not very good. And for example in this project states do work. https://s3.amazonaws.com/iRidiumWiki2.0/i2Scripts/List_Test_Anim.irpz

Yes, when you create popups on List via the script everything works fine. In that case, you can use this method.

Yes that is good method. Thanks. :)

In example we can add text to list item like this.

List_1.CreateItem(0, 1, {Text: "Hello List!"});

How can i add different image/icon to each button via script?

You can simply add the "Image" property, like so




That's great!

In a button In GUI editor we can have button which has Image and Icon property.

Is it possible also to add icon via script so i can have image and icon for button?

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_START,0,function() // Event is activated at the application launch

list = IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem("Item 1");// Receive the list identifier and save it in the variable with the name "list".
list.CreateItem(1, 1, {Text: "TV Bedroom"}); // Create item 1 and set the "Text" property "TV Bedroom" for sub element 1
list.CreateItem(2, 1, {Text: "Projector"}); // Create item 2 and set the "Text" property "Projector" for sub element 1
list.CreateItem(2, 2, {Image: 1}); // Set the "Image" property which identifier is 1 for sub element 2
list.CreateItem(3, 1, {Text: "TV Hall"}); // Create item 3 and set the "Text" property "TV Hall" for sub element 1
list.CreateItem(3, 2, {Image: 2}); // Set the "Image" property which identifier is 2 for sub element 3

So is there sub element identifier for icon also?

Something like this?:

list.CreateItem(1, 1, {Text: "Text 1});

list.CreateItem(1, 2, {Image: "Image1"});

list.CreateItem(1, 3, {Icon: "Icon1.png"});

Unfortunately the icon set in this way will not work. This functionality is not yet implemented.