Iridium platform for different automation projects

Nertila Hoxha 9 jaar geleden in General bijgewerkt door Ekaterina (head of support) 8 jaar geleden 3


I wanna know if iridium platform is avaible and helpful for different automation projects execept knx for example : Can I use it for the leviton automation projects ?

Thank you


Hi Nertila

You can use iRidium to control different automation systems, like KNX, Modbus, AMX, HDL, AV, etc. in one user interface. But we don't have a special solution for Leviton yet. If this equipment can be controlled with one of protocols, supported by iRidium, so you can control it with iRidium.

Or you can make your own JavaScript driver for Leviton, if you have a programming skills.

Hi Ekaterina. Talking about controling Leviton with KNX, is it possible to control multiple systems with different IP with the same project? Imagine a condominium with 20 houses, everyone with a Leviton control system. The plan is to make a control interface for the guardhouse, which alert the guard if some of the houses trigger an alarm event.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Felipe

Sorry for delay with answer!

Yes it is porssible, no problem.