Long project saving time

Philippe_Fontaine 9 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 2

I have some problems when i save the project in the editor.
I started from the project from the Black Gui Template.
The save time for this was 7 seconds (project size 8915 kb)
I have delete 1 popup page and then the save time was 1 min 20 sec. (project size 13641 kb)
I have add 20 images to the gallery and then add it to a popup page and then the saving time is 4 min 40 sec (project size 112132 kb)
When i delete an other unused popup page the i receive an error message that i have not enough memory to save it.
Very strange because when i delete some files the project size is bigger.
I work with windows 8 - Intel core I5 with 8 GB Ram memory
The editor is version V2.2.0.17180

Please can you tell me what is wrong?
I have spend a long time at this project and i can work further on it…

Many thanks to reply
Hello Philippe_Fontaine,

please, write us to email: support@iridiummobile.zendesk.com
and we will help you

The problem is solved with the help of Theo from Irridium Netherlands
The problem was a Global Caché driver.
I downloaded the last version from the GUI Editor and the problem was solved