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Very newbie question here.

I'm trying to setup a simple power-on command for my Sharp Aquos TV.

Currently I can control this TV (Power On and Power off) via iRule with "POWR1  \x0D" command.

I have created a new Driver in the project device panel (from iRidium Base (2.0):AV&Custom Systems (TCP))  and set the appropriate IP address and port.

I have then created a command with a data string of "POWR1  \x0D" and associated to a button on my Main Page.

Unfortunatly, it doesn't work.

Is my logic/process correct or am I supposed to be doing something else?

If there is an issue with the way the command is formed, are there any tools in iRidium that will help me debug what the issue is?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, Damian!

Please check status of connection to TV:

Drop the driver token Online to the Graphical item on the page and start emulator.
if the item is green then connection is ok.

And please read the manual of command syntax:
Thanks Sergey,

After a complete system reboot (TV/Controller/Router) all seems to be working now :)

Tought I was going crazy !!

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