Request to embed web pages

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This is a standard feature in CBus, and has been requested several times. HomeGate and Schedule Plus both support embedding of iFrames.

We lost a quote to a mine in Western Australia as we could not show a webpage where the mine would update the data regularly to display to users

More recently we have been requested to embed http://www.quasar.co.nz/energy-management-software.html from Schneider Electric into an app.



Also from our side we asked already many times for this feature.

For example to integrate the DIVUS-webpage with controls, or to integrate Visuals with trending (energy-consumption etc).

Until now without results....

So, please, vote for this request (again).



I strongly vote against, unless iRidium Mobile's "browser" is only picking up the window display from a seperately running browser (i.e. proven technology like Opera, Chrome, IE, etc). Having a build-in browser build by iRidium Mobile brings in millions of security risks, plus it is a very demanding and thorough job to keep the browser up to date with the speed new web features are added and new security vulnerabilities are published. Implementing a browser takes more than 'why cant I just see this webpage in iRidium like xxx and xxx support'. Plus: it doesn't fit in to what iRidium Mobile is meant for.
I'd suggest placing a link button to open the browser from the OS on the desired web page.
I agree with your point, but I don't think that's a reason to vote against. Every new feature is a bad feature when it is not implemented correctly.
creating your own browser for this purpose would indeed be insane and for IOS it isn't even possible.
Apple’s App Store policies state: “Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript.”
That being said, using the IOS WebKit framework to show a webpage should be a peace of cake. The same goes for other platforms.
Using WebKit (instead of creating an own browser) indeed would be a lot better; still this will be a challenge on some other platforms - left or right, there will be quite some complexity added to iRidium's internals to cover all that I reckon.
Main reason for voting against is because in my opinion showing a web page in iRidium doesn't fit in the philosophy/purpose of where iRidium is meant for (the other way around would make a little more sense: a web page with embedding an iRidium player, but still...).
It is like making a swimming pool in the back seat of your car, that is parked on your runway, simply because the small walk to the large pool in your back garden is too long and there's no way to drive the car to the back garden. Of course it is possible, but does it make sense? Why not jump out of your car, take a few steps, and jump into the garden pool (which is already there), enjoy swimming the way it is meant, and get back to your car whenever you want to drive :)

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