Disable scrolling (by swiping) in list

Benno Evers 9 years ago in i2 Control V2.2 updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 8

It would be great if we have a possibility to disable the scrolling in a list. So the user cannot scroll by swiping the list up and down.
But scrolling the list from script should be possible all the time.
This way we can use the list as an 'container' to put some gui elements in by script.

Waiting for user's reply
Hello Benno,

Do you want this feature in a List only or in a Static List too?
Hi Oksana,
In both lists would be good, although if you want an unscrollable static list you can just show the popup.

Thank you
What is the status about this request?
"Under review" is great, but we want a solution...


Hi Theo
It is planned but we are working now on the most important tasks, not on the new features before the Server released

This is not what i meant.
Of course is know I can disable a complete item.
But what I want is the possibility to disable scrolling, but be able to click the items in the list.

Basically the list will be a container to put items in for easy alignment etc.

So when the scrolling is disabled:
- You can't scroll through the items in the list by touchscreen or mouse (only by using the SetPosition function from script)
- You can click the items in the list

Please reopen the topic and plan it again :-)

Yes correct Benno,

And i would like to have it work without javascript, so configurable from gui editor.
static list or static list scrollable...
Yes, really, didn't check about buttons in list,