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HTTP Project Download Progress

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Is it possible to retrieve progress from IR.DownLoadProject?

I know this method is returning a device, which fires the Online and Offline event. But what I would like to know, is the progress or an error when the download fails, then I can re initiate a new download.

Regards, Jan Oost

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Sorry for delay. Unfortunately, this method does not throw error when loading a project, even if the download fails. As an alternative I can propose only to keep track of the maximum time of downloading project is and set in the script a timer for that time, which will re-initialize the download.

Hi Dimitry,

Thanks for the reply;

That is my plan now, but only because of the lack of any way to determine the progress, it is not a nice solution and hopefully you share the same opinion. Is it possible to change this in the future?

Regards, Jan Oost

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