How to activate Neon GUI

Antonio Lombrano 8 years ago in GUI Editor updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 7


I just purchased the Neon GUI and I could download the demo project and the gallery folder.

How can I importo the gallery and use it in my projects ?

Thanks a lot for Help

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You can add a folder of images as follows.

1) Open the editor iRidium GUI editor.

2) Go to the tab Gallery. And click on the right mouse button in this tab.

3) Select the menu item Import folder.

4) And select in Windows Explorer to the desired folder with the files.

Hello Dmitry, thanks for your reply.

Unlucky I cannot see the "Import Folder" option, my menu shows only "Add Folder" and "Add ZIP Pack".

Update. That's very strange ... now I can see the "Import Folder" menu option.
I tried to import the Neon Gallery folder, but what I see is the folder structure without any images inside.

Sorry I misunderstood you. This folder contains files with the extension *.irgl

*.irgl is an object of iRidium Gallery stored in the directory C:\Users\<User>\Documents\iRidium mobile 2\Settings\Editor\Gallery
If you need to add them in your Gallery just copy the folder in the indicated directory.