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open tcp connection

Vuong Xuan Phuc 8 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 1

Hello everyone.

I have problem with AV& Custom driver (TCP).

My device need 2 kind of connection. It can be set when connect client to device.

So I wan't how to know open more connection to My device.

connect client to device.

Set kind of connection is 'send command'

open connection 2 connect client to device

set kind of connection 2 is ' get feedback'


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You can try change the connection settings after the command is sent in the first connection.

To do this, use method IR.SetParameters.

For example:

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_RELEASE,IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem("Item 1"),function()


IR.GetDevice("AV & Custom Systems (TCP)").Send(['getverion\r\n HTTP 1.1', '\r\n\r\n']);
IR.SetTimeout(50, function(){
IR.GetDevice('AV & Custom Systems (TCP)').SetParameters({Host: '', Port: '80'});


In this example, when you press button the command being sent to the driver. Next, after 50 ms, the driver settings are changed. A delay of 50 ms is needed in order for the first command was sent to the driver and then changed the connection settings.