Cannot allow end user to have editable macros

Nick Sutton 7 лет назад обновлен Ilya Markov (expert) 7 лет назад 3

every time I select "editable" for the user, it resets to "no access" afterwards.

The end-user cannot make their own macros.


Hello, Nick!

The problem happened because you changed rights for end user after the end user downloaded his project. 

For now the end user have to: 

1) Quit his project; 

2) Delete the project; 

3) Download the project again. 

After the 3 steps the end user will be able to see the right settings changes.

Thank you for the topic. We have plans to fix the problem so end user don't have to re-download his project.


Thanks. But we did not change user rights after. We set them as we created the user and before he downloaded.

then, write me please your login from our site and project name

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