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Wouter Verbeeck 7 years ago updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 7 years ago 1

Hey there,

Just ran some testing on i3 lite with Iphone7 again. Domintell system with 2x DBIR01 relay, 1x button(1x), 1x button (6x), dimmer module, shutter module (latest 2 are not tested today)

Clean install of i3lite, new project created. No server


When creating the very basics interface, I'm organising my home.

So far the following things I find an issue:

- When I choose from 'template' house, I can't insert more than 1 bathroom, as there is already one listed on the second floor. I understand this is the case for other rooms as well. To fix this, I have to add a different room, change the name and change the icon. 

- Once I inserted some rooms, I would like to organise them. Make a different order. This does not seem to be possible.

- I cant't find an Icon suitable for a basement (minus 1 for example?)

- After scanning with Domintell Scanner, I get the names of the different relays on the DBIR01 from the Domintell system (seems to work fine, I'll change in other post concerning the relay names.

- After assigning relay widgets to rooms, I try controlling the relays with the widgets. As stated in another post, the relays can not be switched. However, when i change a relay by domintell switch or with programming interface (Domintell), I do receive the feedback from the relay's status. However, this doesn't work in the system configuration section.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

We really look forward to working with the i3lite app and Domintell as we have more projects pending.

Best regards,



Hello, you gui issues will be in next version. About domintel i will answer in domintell ticket