Not able to adjust temperature of heat controller

Knut Harboe 7 years ago updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 7 years ago 7

I have the same problem as Nick Sutton.

The heat controller of HDL is disabled. I cannot adjust the mode or temperature.

It reads the correct temperature and I can turn on and off the heat.

But not adjust the mode or temperature.

This is still an issue after the update!


Under review

Which platform do you use?
Do you have last version of i3 lite app?
Which version of FH module do you have? (you can see it in i3 lite app in the "Module information" section)

iPhone, Ipad and Windows App.

I updated to 1.21.

When the mode is in Timer, it is not possible to adjust temperature. I can adjust in the other modes.


Do your FH module have the "Timer" mode set? Can select the mode with panel?
If no - you can disable the mode in module settings. If you do have the mode set we will find why the mode is not working

The timer mode is enabled and I can select it. 

Just not change the temp setting. 

Hilsen Knut

By HDL protocol there is no temperature parameter assigned to "Timer" mode. You can just select it to activate timer but there is no desired temperature for the mode.

I think we just have to block the temperature control in Timer mode. If the idea will be approved we will make the change in the module.


5th mode is reserved to Timer mode in HDL Floor Heating module now. And if you select timer mode there will be label "Timer" instead of desired temp.