Editing IP address of modbus server

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Having a Modbus TCP server implemented on lite platform.
Defined IP address and port at the setup time.
Can not change the address afterward...

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We have the function in development queue.

It should be ready for tests by the end of next week.

I'll update the topic when the function is ready.



Is this function ready? Is there an option to import Modbus Address via an Excel file? As in Iridium Pro


I am sorry for the long delay.

Yes, we have implemented the feature about a month ago.

About import: no, for now this is not possible to make import in i3 lite. But we are planning to implement it soon. It should be availble in about a month.


We have implemented function to change ip and port of modbus after module install. You can try it now. Do not forget to update app to last version and have "Modbus TCP" module updated.

Also we almost finished import from excel file feature. It is on test stage. In about 2-3 weeks import should be available.


Hello. Import for modbus is also implemented.

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