Open third party app from i3 lite using URL Scheme

Govinda Raja 7 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 14

How can third party app be opening from i3lite be opening using URL scheme?

for example nflx://


Thank you, I hope this can be incorporated soon.

Satisfaction mark by Govinda Raja 7 years ago

No, it's impossible now, but I added it to the development plan.

Can you tell us when this feature will be implemented?

it will be in August-September

Thank you for your reply so fast. I hope you can do it at the earliest, this feature will be very useful.

Having the ability to open third party apps through URL Scheme in i3lite will open a world of possibilities. Any progress on this front yet?

Thank you for setting a timeline. Looking forward to this particular feature.

Has this feature of opening third party apps using URL Scheme been implemented yet?


Yes, it was tested and will be released in the next version (in 1-2 weeks).

Thank you so much, This will be an amazing feature!!

Any update on this feature yet?


the next version will be released next week

Thank you so much for implementing URL Scheme.I just tested it a few minutes back and it works great. I appreciate you taking the time to implement this feature that I requested. This feature is awesome!

Thank you for your participation in the product improvement.