KNX IR Sends Value of 1 only

Govinda Raja 7 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

I use a KNX IR device that allows me to send different IR values for 1 (explicit on) and 0 (explicit off). I can also assign a scene no. The scene recall sends multiple IR commands.

Please incorporate additional parameters for the KNX under button settings to select switch that can be given Value 1 for on and 0 for off. for example we should be able to use type as 1bit and Subtype as switch.

In addition we should also be able to use type as Scene Number and Subtype Scene Number. Just like the KNX button implementation.

Under review


Thank you for the idea!

We need to specify some details to avoid a misunderstanding:

1) For now we have static type "1 bit" and send value 1 on button press. You need possibility to send value 0 since your IR emitter recognizes 0 value.

2) For now you can't send a scene number type value. You need to have possibility to specify that because your IR emitter recognizes such commands.

I guess we need also specify value for scene number that can be in interval from 0 to 63.

Is everything correct? 

Everything is correct

Yes My IR Emitter recognizes 0

Yes My IR Emitter also recognizes Scene No

Thank you.


We implemented this for you. You can now specify type 1 bit / Scene number and sended value. 

Thank you so much, its wonderful to see you take the feedback and implement it. I have checked the implementation and it reflects the changes. I will test it to see the functionality and give feedback if any.