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Deactivation of i3 lite server

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago updated by Donatas Kasparavicius 4 years ago 16


When an iRidium lite server is activated, and is known in iRidium lite, it's possible that i3 lite server changed his IP-address (after reboot, after installing new router, etc).

Then, when the server is found in i3 lite, and 'activated', it's not possible to de-activate the server.

Please make this possible.




We did a server search even after changing its IP. This will be available in the next version.

yes, that's right: the server can be found after changing it's IP-address... But not de-activated...

That's the problem. We want an option, the found server can be de-activated (with the installers-password or PIN-code or whatever else), so we are able to activate the server again (including licenses etc!!!!!!)



If server can be found after changing it's IP-address then server can be deactivated from this project!

Please tell me how... (and point me to the documentation on the website where installers can find this).

In my opinion, the server can only be de-activated in the project where the server is activated.

Not in a new project.



Sorry, I can't understand you..

It works like "the server can only be de-activated in the project where the server is activated. Not in a new project"

Yes i understand it.  "The server can only be de-activated in the project where the project is activated. Not in a new project." But what to do, if the project don't exist anymore???

For this reason, we want an option to de-activate the server in a new project and not in a (not longer existing) project....

How is this possible? If you create a new project and synchronize the server after activation, this project will be saved in our cloud. I can understand that you can do this by checking the server again and again, but in a real situation, why is the existing project deleted?


I have the the same problem, I think.

Whil running tests, I activated a Raspberry Pi Server for i3lite.

As I was experimenting with different devices, I needed to re-install i3lite several times.

I can't find the project in the cloud or on any device, but I'd like to re-use my raspberry pi without having to re-install the software on the pi.

Is there a possibility?

Kind regards,



Finally sombody that understand me ;-)

Yes, you're right, Wouter: when testing, creating projects, deleting projects, then sometimes you need to re-activate the license...

Exactly this problem we discovered too....



The same problem for me, testing and retesting we have an UMC server lite activated and I can not deactivated. I have not the original project. Now i have a nice brick.

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If there is no original project, you need to reset the UMC to factory settings. After that, the directory with the project is deleted in UMC and it can be used again in another project.


I'm joining to your club i3Lite Server re-installers

Especially when server is in Beta, there is always a possibility of deleting projects and restarting.

However, one of the methods I follow when testing beta features and/or new features is to create a new project and only add a few modules. This way even if I delete the project its fine since I would not have invested too much time.

Only when I have tested the features in a test setup and am satisfied do I actually start implementing the features in a working project. I have had my share of frustration and pain, this seems to be the best compromise.

Hey, so is there a way to reset the server?
I want to complete reset my installation, but trying to deactivate the server, I am getting "Incorrect Server PIN" message. And I dont remember setting the PIN? How can I reset, and start from scratch?


Any answer for this? Am having the same situation.

I submitted a ticket, and had a support person remote login into my PC, and manually reset everything (via SSH connection to local RPi server). You could probably do it yourselve, if had the necessary commands. Or just create a ticket also. I find iRidium support very helpul :)