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Wouter Verbeeck 7 years ago updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 6 years ago 25


I'm trying to setup my iridium gate to work with i3lite and Domintell.

Once the gate is setup for use, do I need to install the homekit module?

If yes, what homekit code do I need to use?

I seem to have trouble getting it started

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Ok, I reviewed the installation video.

Homekit installation works just fine, but the Domintell scanner either doesn't find any equipment or i get "no connection" message.

I tried with other device with other project in same installation and this works fine. On the device connected to the gate i have these issues.

Please advise.



I'm running tests for the rest of the day and also tomorrow

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Under review

We will check it at Monday. Same with 2N problem that you have described at other topic.

Sorry for the delayed answer.

Extra: I can't control any equipment from the i3lite app I created since connecteed to gate with homekit.

I did do the gate update to server version 1.0.19. Hope I didn't ruin anything.

Happy to hear you on monday, have a nice weekend

This is not homekit issue.
This happens because Domintell IP module holds only 1 connect. So when you upload your project on server it makes your Domintell busy by the server.

Yes, i3 lite works via the server but only in project mode after you press "Make public" button. In configator you are using panel mode. So you have server connected and trying to make connect from panel and get rejected. 

So basically I can advice you to setup your domintell so it can hold multi-connect. Or just turn off server while you setuping modules. 

Same with control: if you trying to control from configurator or from project before you press "Make public" it will not have success.

I will ran tests with extra domintell ethernet module shortly (1-2wks)


got faster then I thought

I just added another ip interface on my domintell.

I tried the scan on the other ip interface (to which nothing is connected now) but scanner doesn't work either.

Correct me if I'm wrong:

once synchroinized with the gate, the gate has connection to the provided domintell ip interface. So, when I do another scan from i3lite to the other ip interface, it should work?

Because it doesn't work in this way.

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yes, this is totally correct.

Did you try to scan the interface (the second one) in empty project? Maybe our app just can't scan the interface? 


I didn't do that yet, as I'm having some issues with deactivating and re-activating i3lite gate with homekit, but I planned to try this in the weekend.

I'll post the result

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News about Domintell Relay on android: we have just repeated the problem and soon our developer will check and fix the problem.

We have tested on our DMR01 device but I think the problem is the same.

thx, happy to hear the evolution.


it seems as if the domintell scanner on i3lite doesn't work on ios anymore too.

tried yesterday with new project, but doesn't scan. When manually added, the controlling works fine with iOS

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I just Ran test with Domintell scanner.

Does NOT work on:

iOS (10.3) before updating i3lite app    AND NOT after updating i3lite app

other tests later

Hello, Wouter.

We used Domintell Scanner multiple times on different platforms and it worked fine. Do you get "no connect" message or just nothing finds? 

I get both.

On one deth02 module I have a server running. On the other one I can't connect

So you have 2 domintell interfaces: one is busy by connecting with server and 2nd is not connected to anything and gets "No connect" message when you try to scan it?

I need this additional information because we did not have problems with scanning domintell if it is not connected to other panel. Also can you scan the domintell via iridium studio?

Also can you please make the file actual when you have time? We did a lot of changes for Domintell modules for the time.

Controle i3Lite.xlsx


It has been a while since I have had the time to do some tryouts with i3 lite.

The scanner seems to be working perfect. It is important that the domintell DETH02 is correctly set-up:

- checkbox on timout should be checked!

This was the problem with my second eth02 module.

I've planned to do some more tests in the upcoming week.

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Hi again,

the scanner seems to work perfectly on windows, but not on IOS device or android. neither iphone nor ipad or huawei phone.

To program we are able to scan with wondows, save i ncloud and then download on ios or android device.

Please advise.

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Hello, Wouter!

I just test in our office actual version of Domintell scanner on iPhone and it scans fine.

The problem can be in router settings. Is it possible for you to connect domintell directly to router and try to scan on windows but via Wi-Fi (on notebook or PC with wi-fi adapter)?


Do you have any news, about how the Domintell in i3 lite works for you, Wouter?


I close the topic. If you will have problems with Domintell scanner, please, let us know.