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Format for CSV file in Modbus TCP driver

Célio Silva 7 years ago updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 7 years ago 1


I see that there is a way to upload a file with the equipments in the Modbus TCP. What is the format/columns of the file?

Under review

Hello. Documentation for the feature is not ready yet.

For now I will provide you info here.

File example: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vH0xeWuh6b-uPiLIGEmyfQSZTAC1HZGSq5Eatqn9zfA/edit#gid=179761903

Everything can be like in file for import into iRidium 2 and pro. But additionaly you need to specify information for control elements. iRidium pro import documentation: http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Modbus/en#Import_of_Modbus_addresses_in_iRidium

Brown marked is optional parameters (we keep the driver parameters so users can understand that they don't have to change part of the file from iRidium pro import).