Delay in routine after movement of sensor

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I have a garage door with an logic sensor which detects that the door is closed or open. I also have movement sensor in the garage. I am trying to make a routine which closes the garador (if it is open) and there is not any movement for 10 minutes. However I am not able to get the delay working as planned. 

I think the problem is that it says when Garage door åpen OR there is no movement, DO delay and thereafter close. 

I guess it should be AND and not OR, but not able to choose between OR and AND

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Maybe we should check the motion sensor. If there is no movement within 10 minutes, then send the door closing signal. If the door was closed, nothing would happen. If it was open, it will close.

Hi,did not understand your proposal? 

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In order to be implemented as you describe, you need to:

- for "WHEN" use a motion sensor, if it worked

- in "DO" add a delay and closing the door

- in "BUT ONLY IF" condition that the door is open

Then your condition will be triggered when the motion sensor has triggered and if the door is open, after the set delay the door will close.

Sorry, I incorrectly described what you need to do, here are the correct steps:

You need to create 2 routines in the first:

- for "WHEN" use a motion sensor, event "No movement"

- in "DO" add a delay and closing the door

- in "BUT ONLY IF" condition that the door is open


- for "WHEN" use a motion sensor, event "Movement"

- in "DO" choose your first rotine and action for it "Stop rotine"

- in "BUT ONLY IF" condition that the door is open

I have tried to get this to work, but do not succeed. 

When implementing only the first routine, the garage door closes after two minutes, but not always. I have also experience that it opens the door, and I suddenly find the garage open during night time. 

When I implement both routines nothing happens at all. I guess the stop routine stopps it all..

Are you sure the above is correct? 



In the described actions there is no door opening, do you have other routines that open the gate?

It is also possible the gates remain open because there is a movement that stops the routine, could you share your routines to understand what happens when they are performed