Satel i3 lite module

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Concerning the new Satel Integra module on the store I was wondering what the "ID" means when adding a widget, for example a button.

I can not find an option in Integra where I can assign and ID or anything else to a function and it isn't explained anywhere.

In short can I get an explanation on how this works and what I need to do to make it work.

The module says it is online for me.

We have an Integra 64.

We also have a KNX module in the Integra but from what I see it doesn't matter for this.

Thank you


"ID" means:

-zone number when requesting the status of any of the zones

- exit number if you need to ask or change its state

- group number when working with the Security module, resetting an alarm, or disabling arming

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