My server doesn't work

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very nice support thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why did you decide that the server does not work? The screenshot shows that it has booted, but does not have a project. But it works ...

how can i load project this is my question


Start the iRidium Server.exe file

The server can be launched as a server or as an application. At PC reload the service starts work automatically.

The server does not work on virtual machines! If the server does not start, launch it under Administrator rights

4 Set up the server with the help of the web-interface:

  • Click on W in the console of the iRidium server application
  • Follow the link (http://<host>:8888/)

4 Authorize on the
server using the integrator's login and password from the iRidium
mobile web site. You cannot use the server without authorization.


Go through all authorization steps to get access to the server settings. Activate the option "Test Mode: ON" in the server settings to use it in the fully functional mode. You can see more information about the use modes in the section Licensing Policy.

With the activated Test Mode you can also test work of cloud projects and upload projects from iRidium Transfer (locally, without iRidium Cloud).

Thanks a lot . I solve the problem