Remote camera IP

Tubi Alvarez 7 years ago in Other updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 8
When I enter the IP camera in the application I have access if I am connected locally but if I connect remotely I do not have access to the image. What configurations must be made to work remotely from the application. I use i3
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Do you use i3pro or i3lite?

Presume you use portforwarding and connect through external IP?


Tell me please, doues you use port forwarding or VPN for getting external access to your camera?


I'm having the same issues with my IP cam. I'm using i3 Lite, and auto-switch between local network and cloud (beta).

Hi, Johannes

Remote cloud control does not translate streams from cameras, this is a different situation.

Were can I found info about cloud camera control, could you explain please?


There are cameras that support redirection of the stream to the cloud, they have an API for control and display. For example, cameras IVIDEON, TRASSIR (DSSL) etc...