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I am testing the doorbird module on I3pro. I managed to get it to work i can see the video from the door camera and i can control Door Lock and IR light from Iridium.

What i don´t get is if you ring the bell nothing happens in Iridium. 

Is the script ready for use or is this not done yet ?

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What sip server do you use to make a call?

Hi Aleksandr,

i did not know that i need a sip server. Couldn't find any Documentation for DoorBird. I thought it work without as the original Door Bird App works also without it.


We work only through the SIP-server.

Hi Alexsandr,

Do you think a sip server could run parallel to the Iridium Server on the Rasberry Pi?

Can work only if:
1. You use a minimum of scripts in iRidium
2. The SIP does not perform audio transcoding (one codec)

Hi Alexsandr,

i now have linphone as SIP server. Is there any guide line how to set the Doorbird up ?

Hi, all comments for setting up we have in module inside.

What difficulties did you encounter?

Is it necessary to use a sipserver at the doorbird?
I do get a picture and can send the relays, but I can not set up a voice connection.



1. Yes, you need to use a sip server.
2. Contact technical support and attach your project for verification.

OK thanks. am I going to try a sipserver? Another preference for a particular sipserver?

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