[Studio] Select graphic status on item with a threshold

Francesco Zangara 7 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 2

Good day,

I have an 1byte knx object feedback for fancoil speed.

I need create an item that stay on graphich state 0 when feedback is <20 (fancoil is OFF) and switch on graphic state 1 when feedback is >=20 (fancoil is ON and i need show the state of speed in percent).

Can I create an item with this functionality without script?

feedback < 20 then State 0 (Text property is "OFF")

feedback >= 20 then State 1 (Text property is "$V%")

Under review


If you want a solution without scripting, it is possible to use a Scheme Blocks.
Example attached.



In the attached example: if the feedback "Virtual 1" comes to a value less than 20, then the project panel shows "0" (red field). If the feedback "Virtual 1" is coming 20 or more, it transferred to the feedback "Virtual 2" and the project panel displays the integer part of the obtained value (green field).