i3 Pro (client) for Linux

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Having the client available for Linux would open the possibility to build more affordable wall panels and with more intelligence. It could run on oDroid boards, RaspberryPi, etc. which in their place support a wide variety of affordable touchscreens.

Windows and Android panels are hard to control remotely, not always stable and need extra attention for updates. Linux is much easier to keep up to date without user intervention and easy to control remotely (in a secure way).


Hello, we have several times released beta applications for Linux, but according to statistics they were not in demand, so this task is on the waiting list, but until May 2018, in terms of development, this is not. If you have a project under which you can buy more than 200-300 licenses, we will gladly increase the priority of this development, but so far this is only on the waiting list.

Thanks. No rush, but I think this might get more in demand in the coming period. Especially if the wall-panels become more affordable this way. So we'll see if the voting will help.