Panel limit exceeded

Francesco Zangara 3 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 7

Hi All,

our client have an developer account with an advance licence.

he have 3 panel signed in and now he must connect another but i3Pro show the message "Panel limit for i3 pro (2) is exceeded". Why? With advance licence, it not have the limit of 10 panel?



If you have a client (as end-user) why he use developer account?

Please, share this project to end-user account and this license will work correctly.


Hi Aleksandr,

our client requested the possibility to modify the project by himself, so we passed him the license and he created a developer account.

Not good solution!

Well, he can create another account as end-user...

Dear Aleksandr Romanow !

I had movie project from a developer account to end-user. Now, my client want change project ( edit project) and upload this project , But my client can't sign in https://www.iridiummobile.net/, only success sign in i3 pro on smartphone

Hi, if you moved the project and want control it again, your client should send a mail on our support (from own mail, which registered for this project) and notify us, what he want move project to installator (he should text your email).


I don't understand Why installator account use then sometime i3 Pro show " Licence not found" .With advance licence, it not have the limit of 10 panel?. And must move to end-user account.

Hi, Tuan

sorry, but I can't understand you, what you mean?