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Device for home ddns

Barry Jones 6 years ago in Other updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 4

hi guys looking for a network switch or router or device that has a ddns built in for connecting to my home network over the internet, ie like having its own no-ip server built into the device or switch or router, that is on my home network and then I’m able to log in thu the device to Accsess my network. This way I don’t have to set up an outside ddns service. has anyone here’d of this 

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Good afternoon, I do not quite understand the question.

Draytek router's has its own DDNS. No need to use a third party ddns while using draytek routers.


thanks josephb will look into it 😊

If they have an API to obtain a real IP by accessing a DDNS name, then you can register it in the project. But I still do not understand the question (((