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UMC KNX IP cant be found by ETS

Igor Kúšik 6 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 10

Hello, I have done all setup for UMC server to be KNX IP router but still it canot be searched by ETS5 in discovered interfaces as in your video, what should I do, thanks

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Which product (lite/pro) and which version are you using?

What video are you talking about?

try to reset to default umc and reload project

I have domw it, but I cant search knx devices. The case is that I mees to work also with hardware knw buttons and manage knx devicea but also helvar dali devices by both knx buttons and iridium mobile, how should I do it?

Hi, yes this is done, I have set it up to KNX by second option through web interface settings, now I can see it through ETS but I cant read KNX switches and give them adresses, they are connected properly, I checked. thank you for your advice

Can you make a short video (screencast), how do you do it and what does not work?

maybe it would be better if I have some manual from you, so I dont have to try everything, my systems consist OF:

1. 1x Helvar 910 router

2. 8 x RGB DALI driver for LED, each with 3 DALI adresses

3. 4 x single adress DALI drivers

4. 2 x Helvar 315 sensor

5. 2 x Helvar 490 blind controller

6. 2 x Helvar 492 power relay

7. 1x Helvar 498 8x16A relay unit (for sockets and electric heating of floor)

- this is already working, coz i am familiar with Programming in designer

then I have KNX components:

1. UMC server

2. 2x Schneider Push-button, 4-gang plus

3. 3 x Schneider MTN6215-0310, KNX Multitouch Pro, System M

4. 1x Schneider MTN6221-0325 Room temperature control unit for properties

5. 1x Schneider MTN6730-0001 Heating actuator REG-K/6x230/0.16 A

6. 1x Schneider MTN684032 KNX power supply REG-K/320 mA

7. Ipad on the wall

8. network router

9. network switch with wifi antena

10. 2x CoolPlug Daikin with 1 x CooLinkHub for air conditioning

11. ise smart connect KNX Vaillant for heating

thank you for your naswer

What documentation do you want to get? Everything is on our site and it usually works. You say that something is not working for you. And to help you need more information.

I would need some manual and process of how to connect all thesye systems, what to in in iridium studio and your application and what to do in ETS5, I believe order of steps is important

Hmm, this is not so common a task to have ready documentation.
1. Add the management of the KNX http://dev.iridiummobile.net/KNX
2. Add the management of Helvar http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Helvar
3. Make the gateway of these protocolshttp://dev.iridiummobile.net/Editor_Server_Tools/en#Use_of_Intellectual_Gateway_Function_for_Data_Exchange_between_Drivers