Has anybody tried to connect to Synology Surveillance Station NVR

Paulo de Almeida 6 years ago in Ideas updated by Abhishek 6 years ago 7


I was wondering if anybody has tried this? You would be able to access NVR > IP Camera Stream, PTZ control function etc...

Searching answer

Our team does not have this experience, maybe someone from the installers did it.


Hi Paulo,

i have create a script for authentication on synology NAS and for connect camera stream to iridium item.

I use 3 request:

Logout request

'GET,/webapi/auth.cgi?api=SYNO.API.Auth&method=Logout&version=2&session=SurveillanceStation&_sid=' + Synology.SID

Login request

'GET,/webapi/auth.cgi?api=SYNO.API.Auth&method=Login&version=2&account=' + Synology.Username + '&passwd=' + Synology.Password + '&session=SurveillanceStation&format=sid'

Camera request (Change cameraId with your ID camera)

"http://" + Synology.IP + ":" + Synology.Port + "/webapi/SurveillanceStation/videoStreaming.cgi?api=SYNO.SurveillanceStation.VideoStream&method=Stream&version=1&cameraId=1&format=mjpeg&_sid=" + Synology.SID

You need:

1. Send "Login request" for obtain an SynologyID (sid)

2. Create the URL for each camera stream that you need using the "sid" obtained in point 1

Use "Logout request" when close iRidium.

Unfortunally I not know the API for PTZ command. Sorry

Hello Francesco, 

How are you?

I have question how can we call API request.

I tried to create device and GET request to pas login & password but not working..

Did you make something to call REST api to GET/POST action.




Good day Abhishek,

no, i not do anything. I only installed "Surveillance Station" and configured the camera and user.

Sorry, but i not have an synology on office to try it, but i create this project from script that work on my customer. try it (change the parameter into script).


more, you can find the documentation here


Good day.

Thank you Francesco,

Appreciate your quick help on API. It will work for me.

Thank you Francesco...This is very helpful. I will have closer look at it.