LG Commercial Smart TV - SNMP protocol

Paul van Boven 6 years ago in Ideas updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 9


I use iridium often in combination with LG Commercial displays, but they only support SNMP protocol over network. Now I have to use a global cache ethernet to rs232.

It would be great when I can control the display directly over ethernet.

Is this something to develop?

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In the development plan, there is no SNMP driver. Maybe some of the installers implemented some of this on scripts ...

I believe there should be a way to control LG commercial displays over the LAN. Unfortunately, to get all documentation on controlling LG over LAN you have to sing NDAs and get access to developer.lg.com. We are in the process right now.

We have a potential project where we would need to control LG commercial TVs so there is a chance that we will create a driver for them ))

there are 2 types of commercial displays - signage displays and hotel TVs. Signage displays can be controlled via 9761 port - we did it in our projects, but it is not clear how to control hotel TVs. By default 9761 port is not active. At least the one we had - we were not able to control it over 9761 port. LG advised us to sign NDA to get access to hotel TV section on their developer portal (we already have signed NDA for signage displays).


Did you manage to overcome this issue ?


Which one? We haven't got information about LG commercial/hotel displays, but we control LG professional displays with Iridium.


LG Power over WOL, OFF over snmp.

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But network control is for US only, not for eu models. ;-(