NEST Thermostat

Paulo de Almeida 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3


I am testing the NEST Thermostat under I3pro. So far its working. I have a question regarding the "log in" procedure. Do i need to log in every time through Nest Webpage to allow Iridium to control the Thermostat ? seems a bit strange.

Is there any way to have this fixed into the script?



The lifetime of the key is about a month, and if the panel was online, it is automatically renewed. Unfortunately, there is no solution for "permanent" authorization.

I am just testing this on the emulator and every time i start the emulator i need to log in on the webpage. How does it work at the custerms Tablet? if he closes I3 app?

Something is not working anymore i can not log in anymore... Always get an error message... Maybe NEST change something ?